Miscellaneous Media offers refined portraiture and boutique photo editing for photographers


I've worked as a portrait, wedding, and commercial photographer for the past eleven years and if there is one thing I've constantly tried to implement into my workflow is working smarter, not harder. I know the feeling of staring down a week with two weddings to edit and three sessions to shoot and wondering how you're going to get it all done. I know the pain of picking over your schedule and choosing what "me time" activity you'll have to drop to make time for your editing work. I know the frustration of trying to squeeze in a date night with your significant other while juggling two hectic work schedules. I know the sadness of saying "just one more minute honey!" when your kid asks to play and you're rushing to finish up a gallery before calling it a day.


does this sound familiar?

If it does, you aren't alone. If you're ready to free up your schedule, streamline your gallery delivery process, and get your life back, outsourcing your editing is the answer. 

I offer appointment based culling and editing for busy wedding photographers and high-volume portrait photographers who work with newborns, families, and seniors. My client on-boarding process is incredibly easy and takes only about 20 minutes to finish. I also offer a complimentary trial run if you would like to see how my process could fit into your business practices.

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